The project
"Meeting the asian churches"

Right after our performance at the Dragon Boat Festival, Taipei, 2015

The project is to meet the catholic communities in Asia, and to bring back photos and videos of countries, people, missionaries and volunteers. During 3 months I'll go to different countries : Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia.

Origin of the project : in 2015 I volunteered in Taiwan during 6 months with the Foreign Missions of Paris. I brought a small camera to take photos as a way of sharing my experience there with the people. Even if my hardware was not professional, I managed to take some decent photos, and the people liked them. In 2017, I go back to Asia also as a volunteer, but with this specific media project, and that time with better hardware.
You can see some of my photos on my 500px account there : PHOTOS

While in Asia I'll upload some photos, as regulary as I'll be able, and the remaining ones back in France.

Support - Donate
I'm very happy to go for this mission. Having the opportunity to meet those communities is great, and I'm happy to be able to help the mission of the Church.

However during those 3 months my main professional activty will be paused, and since I run a company, that means no income. I took that risk because this project is quite unique and meaningful, but financily, it's delicate.

If you want to support me, you can make a donation using the following Paypal button (secure transaction worldwide, no Paypal account needed). Be sure to enter all your informations so I can contact you in return to thank you.

Thanks a lot :)